technical solutions specialist (contract), google via aquent

september 2018 - present

web developer, signal

february 2018 - august 2018

  • built a game with a custom javascript component structure
  • maintained component libraries; contributed to sites running React + Apollo with GraphQL

web developer (contract), filament creative

october 2017 - january 2018

  • developed a significant portion of an animation-rich feature site for scholastic
  • integrated the Stripe Payments API into a custom WordPress theme
  • built an interactive SVG animation for a featured section of a client's website (panel two, start the tour)

front end developer, ecentricarts

july 2015 - september 2017

  • jointly created an accessibility 101 presentation and anchored the Q and A for 2017's Q3 Kentico Partner Summit
  • acted as development lead on custom WordPress themes from scratch for non-profit clients
  • wrote a blog post providing ways to include instructions for clients in the WordPress CMS
  • helped to standardize npm, gulp and webpack front end tools in-house
  • utilized git and mercurial for version control on projects
  • managed pieces of projects' development pipelines with TeamCity and Azure
  • completed a c# introductory course from learning tree

instructor, responsive web design with advanced css, george brown college

january 2017 - june 2017

  • taught and evaluated a class on the importance and strategies of using responsive web design with demos of grid systems, menu patterns, frameworks, and sass
  • created original course lectures and assessment material

independent projects & activities


graduate certificate, interactive media management @ sheridan college


html, css, javascript, php, sql, wordpress, arduino, ux, design

b.sc. wild life biology @ university of guelph


stats, evolution, ecology, GIS and mapping, calculus, population dynamics, R

journalism @ carleton university


first year journalism, french, american sign language

what's next?

upcoming goals

  • delve more into graphQL, react, vue; learn python
  • complete an open-sourced-data-related side-project (maybe with d3?)
  • write a blog post
  • run a 5k✔️ run a 10k✔️ run a half-marathon✔️ figure out if i have the mental willpower to run a full marathon